Traffic restrictions due to the storm Sabine

Update 12.2.2020:

Operation in the METRANS rail network and at METRANS terminals is getting stable after the storm Sabine, which has hit the Central European region. There are only some minor delays due to the accumulation of work volumes after outages. 
The railway line from Prague to Salzburg in the section Summerau border – Linz remains closed. METRANS trains of the Salzburg service run via the Břeclav / Bernhardsthal border crossing with a significant influence on travel times.
We apologize for the inconveniences and delays caused by unfavourable weather conditions.


Traffic restrictions due to the storm Sabine The Central European region was hit by the storm Sabine (February 9th in Germany, February 10th Czech Republic and further to the east). METRANS terminals in Czech Republic operate irregularly, with outages and limitations depending on the current wind force. METRANS train connections to and from North Sea ports are confronted with restrictions on railway routes, most trains have been temporarily stopped along the way, waiting for amendment of the consequences of the storm (fallen trees, overhead wiring failures) and for free capacity of the routes. We apologize for the delay caused by the unfavourable weather conditions, we will keep informing about the storm’s progress and its expected consequences in other countries. 






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