Rate changes Salzburg service for 2021

Dear valued Customers!

Based on the previous information, presented on the October 26th 2020 as the outlook for the upcoming 2021 year, we have now received the final information about the trucking costs and handling costs of CTS Terminal Operator in Salzburg.

For local trucking, the prices and conditions for 2021 remain the same as last year. However, the handling costs of CTS as the Terminal Operator have risen also in the 2020, they will be increased also in the year 2021. For the year 2020 METRANS haven ́t modified the prices of the handlings and absorbed the increase.

Under the pressure of the current circumstances (the Covid-19 pandemic) as well as of our operating costs, we are forced to reflect this increase in our prices which will consequently increase by 3 EUR per container.

Our prices 2021 now include the following costs at CTS Salzburg terminal:

• Export container 67,50 EUR incl. the TSC (Terminal Security Charge)

• Import container 42,50 EUR incl. the TSC (Terminal Security Charge)

We would like to thank you for your understanding, and we hope that you will continue to use our services.

We look forward to all future cooperation.

METRANS a. s., Praha






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