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Stopped Trains from/to the Port of Koper + Information to the Northern Ports after the Strike


Dear Business Partners,

Based on previous information about strikes, problems of railway infrastructures and seaports, we have to inform you that even after the end of the strike, it is not possible to expect an improvement in the situation in the foreseeable future. Terminals in Germany still work in a limited operation mode, without enough personnel. This situation resulted in the complete stoppage of rail transport in the direction from and to Hamburg, as well as other ports in Germany.
Another infrastructure, the Slovenian infrastructure also issued a “loading ban”, i.e. basically a STOP for all trains within the following period of at least 48 hours, or until further notice.
Below, we would like to send you the information that we have received.
We are monitoring the situation, but despite all our efforts, the situation is disastrous. We will inform you about further developments. We are sorry, but in the following weeks, enormous effort and understanding will be needed – including yours – until we reach at least the point where the shipments start moving again.
In case of questions, we are of course always at your disposal.

Best regards,






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