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Traction Energy Surcharge and Fuel Surcharge – Update No.4


Dear Business Partner,

With regards to the information we received from MÁV on 30.08.2022, we are unfortunately forced to announce that the Traction Energy Surcharge item will be increased from 01.10.2022. The exact amount of the surcharge will be announced during this week.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that due to the ongoing unfavourable situation with no prospect of an early improvement, we are also working on the revision of other already existing surcharges. Their exact amount will be communicated separately.

We would also like to draw attention to the continuing situation of repeatedly congested ports in Europe, as this situation has an impact on the flow as well as the number of possible dispatched train sets. These circumstances worsen the circulation of train sets as well as the transit time required for the transport of your shipments, which has a significant impact on the costs spent on ensuring the service. For this reason, we are investigating the necessity of introducing a Congestion Surcharge in this regard. Information about its eventual introduction will of course be distributed.