Traction Energy Surcharge – Update No. 2


Referring to our Newsletter No. 27/2022 from 11.03.2022 about the extension of surcharges for traction energy affecting the cost of transportation by rail on and via territory of Hungary, we unfortunately must return to this topic and respond to the current market situation.

We are in an unstable situation and we will probably have to anticipate increases in input costs throughout the year. Traction energy costs continue to rise along with other inputs affecting the process of transport organization. Traction energy surcharges, which we introduced with effect from 01.02.2022, are no longer sufficient to cover the increased costs for traction energy, not even in Hungary. The situation in other European countries also requires our attention, and constant changes in conditions are forcing us to make more and more changes.

The overall situation, which confronts us on a daily basis with vessel delays, congested ports, results in an accumulation of transport costs. In recent months, we have all been confronted with more and more restrictions, both from ports and from infrastructures which can no longer be covered by our operations. To date, we have covered the costs associated with traction energy, the costs of diversion caused by detours on the railways, as well as the problems associated with handling of shipments in ports of Germany, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is no longer possible, and even in the case of the services we provide, we will have to react to changes more often.

For this reason, we would like to inform you in advance about a planned change in the concept of surcharges for both traction energy and fuel surcharge.

The change will take effect on 01.06.2022. More detailed information will be shared in the second half of May 2022.

Thank you for understanding.







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