An update and notice about the delays on Slovenian railways

Based on the information we have received from the Slovenian rail freight company, SŽ-Tovorni promet, we would like to inform about the developing situation on Slovenian railways.

Due to closure of Karavanke tunnel that will last until July 2021, the company is struggling to keep up with the increased volume of trains through detour routes via Spielfeld Strass and partially via Villa Opicina border crossing in the direction to and from Austria.

Challenges of the current bottlenecks, combine with ships delays, unexpected rolling stock failures and the current Covid-19 situation has an impact on running trains according to schedule.

Due to that, SŽ-Tovorni promet has established a working group with Luka Koper to monitor the actual situation and apply appropriate measures according to the development. And it thanks all of its partners for understanding of the difficult situation.

SŽ-Tovorni promet also asks all partners for cooperation in terms of planning deliveries in timely manner and adapting to actual measures.

You can find the entire letter from SŽ-Tovorni promet here.






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