Restrictions on Delivery of Containers to CTA Terminal in Hamburg


Dear Customers,

In view of the difficult situation after the previous weekend as well as the previous weeks affected by windstorms in Northern Europe and the unfavorable operative situation resulting therefrom, we are forced to inform you about new conditions for delivery of containers to CTA Hamburg terminal, which we received yesterday. A demand for a balanced removal of import containers from the terminal has been newly established as a condition for the possibility to deliver export containers. Due to the current delays of vessels arriving to seaports after the storms, most of the containers for import have already been dispatched and others are still on their way to the port on delayed vessels.

In connection with this demand, we are unfortunately forced to leave export shipments destined for Hamburg to CTA terminal at our terminals, respectively on stopped trains, acceptance of which in Hamburg has not been confirmed yet.

We will try our best to deliver your export containers to the planned closing dates, but in this situation described above, this possibility is very limited at least until 2 March 2022, and it is therefore necessary to count with further delays, which unfortunately will not allow to deliver the containers as requested.

We are very sorry but this is a situation that is unexpected and it is not possible for METRANS to be held liable in the event of any additional costs – particularly storage, handling, detention, demurrage and other costs incurred for the above reasons. In case we are charged with such costs, we will have to reinvoice them to you.  

Our colleagues from our customer service departments will inform you about your shipments and will try to meet the delivery requirements in the best possible way under the given circumstances.







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